Roof Repair


Roofing Repair

A good roofing system is vital to your home’s structure because it is what ensures the safety of the house and the people living inside it. Apart from safety, a quality roof is an opportunity to add great aesthetic and architectural value to any house.

JMD Global Roofing is an insured and licensed full service roofing contractor with over 20 years of experience. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you select and design a roof according to your specific needs. Apart from installation, we provide residential roof replacement and repair.

We specialize in the following residential roofing services:

• Composite Shingles
• Roofing Tile
• Roofing Metal
• Roofing Soffits
• - Siding
• Gutters
• Exterior Waterproofing
• Stucco
• Repair & Replacement


Any damage your roof has sustained should be taken care of quickly and professionally. Florida is prone to high speed winds, heavy rains and harsh weather. JMD Global Roofing can provide the ideal service timely and professionally. Keep in mind, your roof could look fine but that does not mean that it has not sustained minor damage which could eventually lead to a leak, more extensive damage or any other type of roofing misfortune.

Know the True Condition of Your Roof If you have even the slightest feeling that something could be wrong with the roof of your home, give us a call and let us come out and take a look. There might still be plenty of time to prevent further damage and extend the life of your roof.

Examples places on your roof where damage is the most common include:

• Chimney
• Plumbing vents
• Shingles
• Flashing

In addition to your roof leaking, nails could be coming out of your shingles or a wind-blown rain leak. Until you understand the different places where your roof can be damaged and the degree of harm it can take, you may not fully understand why it’s so important that you turn to a professional roofing contractor like JMD to take care of the issue.

Repair or Replace?

In addition to having your roof repaired, you may also need to have your roof replaced. While you might not know how much it costs to completely replace your roof, you’re sure to appreciate how much better your roof performs and how confident you feel about the overall condition of your roof. Before we offer our suggestions, we will be sure to perform a thorough inspection of your roof.

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